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Hello I am Ms Irene Boss, based at the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA Compound.


Hours are generally 8 am - 10 pm  After-hours appointments are additional tribute.



Are you returning to the Pittsburgh Compound?

It's great to reconnect!

Communicate with Me through P I T T S B U R G H B O S S @ G M A I L . C O M

Its best to have a few dates and times in mind for me to choose from.

2 hours is the shortest time frame I offer.

Extended experiences are offered to those who return, and vary for scenes greater than 4 hours.

A 50% deposit is required to schedule an appointment to be placed in the book.

On occasion there is same day availability for returning friends. Make contact between 8 am and noon of your desired day giving me at least 3 hours advance notice from the time we communicate. I cannot promise availability but I will try.


New? Please read this entire page for information on how to make an introduction.

I am screening for new potential playmates. There is an email address on this page for you to click and contact Me from if you are new and seeking to visit the studio in Pittsburgh. Please be patient, read this entire page a few times, make sure we are compatible, and contact Me from that email address "Introduction - new friend". Same day arrangements are not possible for first visits. A few days to a few weeks notice is recommended. I will correspond with you discreetly and professionally. The recommended amount of time for a first visit is 2 hours. A 50% deposit is required to schedule and will be applied to your visit. The deposit will be sent electronically by a method of My choosing only - or through the post (mail) via Money Order to an address I give you of there is time. It is possible to engage in a 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss scene interests before scheduling an appointment with Me and also to discuss an approaching scene. You may inquire.


The activities at the Pittsburgh Compound encompass classical FemDom BDSM only, and the studio is one of the largest and best equipped private FemDom BDSM playspaces in the world, housing 8 fully equipped professionally maintained esoteric theme rooms spanning 4 floors. There is nothing else like it. You will be amazed. The space is kept pristine and the playrooms are not lived in by anyone or by any pets (human or otherwise). There in no smoking and no biohazardous activities are explored. The 8 scene spaces are 100% dedicated to FemDom BDSM.


Please respect my time as I respect yours. If you send me an email asking for a session without the information asked for below, I will not continue the conversation unless you verify immediately with a link to your professional profile on the Internet and are able to immediately answer the phone that is listed on that profile.


Correspondence is engaged that follows this organized format.

Introduction - new friend  pittsburghboss @ gmail . com

I am addressed as Ms Boss via Internet

Required Information:

~ your full name

~ your City, State, Country

~ your age (you must be 21+)

~ your phone number that bears your given name

~ a few dates and times you are available when I am in Pittsburgh (or will be in a city you are in)

~ O/our compatible FemDom interests and your limits

Direct sexual contact is NOT provided! If illegal activities (and/or direct sexual contact) gets mentioned in your introduction, there will be no response.

~ any medical issues you may have and/or medications you are on that may affect our scene
~ your play style
~ scene length (Generally between 2 to 8 hours) 2 hours is recommended for a first visit unless you are already accustomed to longer scenes.

~ one of the following 2 items

a link to your professional profile on the Internet, or a link to a well developed and stable social media profile that bears your given name

~ something you enjoy outside of BDSM - an interest or passion

~ if you have explored professional BDSM previously, a few brief descriptions of what you did and with whom.


Scheduling Policies will be sent or referred to if needed. They are also listed on this page. Preparations instructions and the exact location will be sent after a guarantee has been received and email communication has occurred.


Extended sessions at the Pittsburgh Compound: I design the parameters with regards to "what and when" after taking your interests and limits into consideration. This is a possibility for those who are returning who have a genuine interest in extended scene activity. Imagine the possibilities! If you are returning, email Me for information about extended scenes. If we are not acquainted you will want to start with 2 hours - unless you are accustomed to longer scenes.


Scene Writing - from those who have visited


I also offer:

Boss Extreme  - various content

Boss DVD - fully fashioned storylines. Specials offered on 4 DVDs. Inquire

Dom Boss - non recurring for 4 months


Also: check out this extensive membership website

DomBoss.Com with 200+ hours of FemDom movies to view.

FemDom DVDs

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Many FemDom subjects are explored!

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Explore My clips store Boss Extreme for FemDom fetish!



Adhere to guidelines and be considered. Private introduction via email is the way to discuss an audience.

Read the entire page before making contact to avoid disappointment.

If you are new or returning after a hiatus (6 months or longer for example), a deposit is needed.


The World Famous Pittsburgh Compound is an extremely well equipped FemDom BDSM play space, containing 8 opulent theme rooms with custom built large scale bondage furniture. Expect dedicated play spaces, rarified atmosphere, ambience, incense, mirrors, and esoteric scene music. Some images on this website were taken elsewhere.


Play is consensual. Play partners usually identify as one or more of the following: bondage bottom, spanking enthusiast, fetishist, cross dresser, role play psycho dramatist, masochist or slave, etc. Mark my word that you will get a complete role reversal and power exchange. I do not project a negative attitude. My concept of Domination is about controlling another individual consensually and intelligently with skill, focus and intent. When you are in My presence you get 100% of My Dominant attention. no degradation scenes. Everyday life is hard enough so celebrate your proclivities with someone who appreciates and understands your FemDom interests. We must be compatible in order to play. Either have My interests as your own, or expect to be risen to My level of play.


I am mature, educated and articulate - easy to get along with outside of scene play, yet extremely controlling in scene with a sharp wit, a firm hand and a great sense of humor. I am a Dominant Kinky Female perfectionist, seriously Discipline minded with a wink and a sly grin. Dominatrix with a smile at your service. My satisfaction is your goal!

Compound Scene interests include:

Bondage (erotic to punitive): Predicaments atop  furniture, device, metal, suspension, body bags, rope (hemp, jute, cotton and nylon), confinement (cage and /or cell), straight jackets, bondage mitts, hoods, blindfolds / gags (sensory deprivation), encasements, mummifications, and sensory overload. Bondage with nipple play and/or CBT, electro (tens, rimba, Eros tech, pleasure tech, medtronic, voice activated), nova Pro, Serious Kit Milker and Venus 2000

Discipline (simple to strict): Strict and sensuous corporal scenarios (bamboo, rattan, acrylic, carbonite, martinet or metal), bullwhipping (nylon and leather whips of 12, 18 and 24 plait), signal whipping - 18 plait, flogging, OTK hand spanking, hairbrush spanking, paddling, tawsing and strapping.

Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Fetishism

Sadism (sensual to severe): Nipple play, CBT, CP (Corporal) with paddles, slappers, lashes, single tail, bull whips, buggy whips, signal whips, crops, and canes, and custom bondage devices, chastity play, dt, deportment (slave training - postures, commands, and etiquette - also part of D/s). Fetishism: You may be invited to wear fetish clothing (as a fetish bottom) like corsets or boots. There may be worship of gloves, boots and/or shoes worn by the Mistress. Female transformation may occur. Tickle torture may be imposed for tickling sceneries. I may perform examinations, water treatments (the big E), inspections, and advanced electro play in medical scenes.

My involvement in professional FemDomBDSM has included BDSM play at My discretion, films, select custom videos, public appearances, a message board (now privately archived in domboss.com/join.htm members), a membership website and other websites.


You must be of consenting legal adult age to visit the Compound.

I am accepting new play partners


Scene interests include: Erotic and predicament Bondage, Electrics, Whipping and CP scenarios, Sadism, Sensation play, and Fetish exploration.


Too far away and can't visit?

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Many FemDom subjects are explored!


New to FemDom BDSM? 

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Safety and Responsibility: If you have a condition that places you at high risk, I will consult with scene friendly medical professionals on your behalf before you visit so there will be no dangerous outcome. The Compound is not wheelchair accessible. The 8 playrooms span 4 flights of stairs. If you have a cardiac implant (or heart issue) there will be no electrical or breath deprivation play. Bondage and suspension safety techniques are observed for individuals with low body circulation. BDSM may cause the same physical stress as a heavy workout. Having a physical once a year is a good idea.


Health: Intense sensations are discussed pre play. Necessary equipment is autoclave sterilized. Chux pads are used on and under furniture, the studio is properly cleaned, and no outdoor shoes are allowed in the playrooms. The studio is nonsmoking. No exchange of sexual body fluids occurs. Additionally there is no direct sexual contact covered or uncovered. Hospital grade and natural disinfectants are used when appropriate.


Limits are the sign of a healthy personality. Limits are respected. Being pushed does not mean that limits will be disrespected. Please be aware of how I  think about these things. I am CPR certified, SSC observant, RACK aware, and consult regularly with scene friendly medical professionals concerning BDSM safety awareness.


I am a complex person who's interests and fantasies overlap and intertwine. (Some things are repeated to emphasize this point.) As an Internationally acclaimed Domina and BDSM filmmaker I have traveled extensively to learn technique and ideology. I began film production in 1995. 200+ films have been produced by MIB Productions.

I am particular and strive to create outstanding personalized BDSM encounters.

I will be appropriately attired for session.  


The fine print...


Important Information: I generally do not have an age requirement (I don't discriminate with regards to age - yet you must be a legal adult in your location because this is adult activity) but due to recent emails, I feel it's best to state the following. A professional domination scene is a luxury experience. If you are not gainfully employed or are having financial issues it is not a good idea to apply for a session, nor is it proper etiquette to attempt haggling. This kind of interaction does not get things off to a good start with someone you wish to trust your mind and body to. In fact it only serves to start a negative energy exchange which can be extremely difficult to reverse once the ball starts rolling down the hill. Think of it as energy gravity. Start light from the heart and show appreciation. The Compound has existed since 1997, and it has obviously not done so by ripping people off. If you are not experienced enough in having professional BDSM encounters to be comfortable about communication regarding the business facts (tribute) it would be best not to apply because it saves us both time if you do not. You are of course welcome to re-approach at a better time. If I do not get a good feeling from your introduction based on activities mentioned, including incompatible (and/or illegal activities) there will be no response. Proclaiming to be "new and/or young" is not an excuse to be untoward. I was 27 when I became a ProDom and possessed mental maturity far beyond my years. I do recognize that it is possible for others to be the same, however I receive an inordinate amount of emails from people stating they are new and/or young that are extremely inappropriate and it is therefore rare that I respond to those inquiries.


Privacy is respected. There are no hidden cameras and people are not "filmed without consent". Obviously, I am not seeking video slaves. The Compound owns the rights to any material featuring Myself on or off premises for commercial purposes. Outside video cameras are not allowed in scene. I do not "film clips", but I do own and operate a C4S store that is updated with samplings from various professional and amateur projects. The members area of DomBoss.Com contains amateur, professional, and "fly on the wall" content with those I know well who are amenable and excited by such things. BossDVD.Com showcases professionally replicated DVDs.


The following requests, behaviors and activities are not tolerated or provided:

I do not provide kink or relationship counseling because I am not medically trained or accredited to provide such advise. Do not ask me to council you or "help" you in your relationship(s). It is an intrusion on others people's privacy as well. Your personal life is none of my business and likewise Mine is none of yours. Travel light and keep things simple. The session you are going to enjoy with Me is an escape from your day to day. Trust Me, it is for Me too! I will also enjoy your session because I am going to make it Mine!

I have zero interest in "helping" other women get involved in cuckolding, or "ruining" your relationship(s).

no blackmail scenes, or scenes involving others without their consent. This includes asking Me to invade the privacy of others who are not aware. The dynamic you are involved in with your significant other will be respected by Me, but I will not intrude upon it or become involved in it. It is your business only.

Do not attempt to change or expand upon My limits before, during or after the session. I would never do that to you. Respect goes both ways.

Do not ask me to store your personal BDSM gear. If you bring something with you to your scene for your scene it also leaves with you. Easy peasy.

Do not ask for the return of gifts. Once something is given it is done with.

I dress according to the scene. Requests to "dress" Me are not tolerated. Do not request "very little clothing", or nudity. 

There is no groping of Myself, Friend Ladies, or lewd mentions.

There are no dildo gags or masturbation of Myself or Friend Ladies.

There is no "topping from the bottom" during the scene.

There are no "real" surgical procedures like castration (the Compound is not a hospital).

No requests for direct sexual contact (or ass, breast or pussy worship), forced bi, pies, and / or cuckolding, or activities ending in the word "job" or "ingus".

No "mentoring on how to be a prodom" (no free time - sorry).

No unsupervised bondage "abandonment".

No insects or animals in scene.

slaves are not "provided" for forced bi, no fem subs and no male dominants (The Compound is strictly a Classical FemDom studio), no switch or submissive sessions, no "GFE" (or escort), no massage or modeling, no trades or bartering, no personal slavery, no employment opportunities, no extreme physical assaults that mimic domestic violence or abuse.

Substances are not provided such smoking, inhalants, drugs or alcohol.

Permanent damage including castration is not possible, and wrestling, holds or chokes do not take place.

FTT or BS of any variety is not offered. I consider it a health hazard.

Written contracts for sessions are not considered.

"Dating" or "shopping" does not take place. There is no "sugaring".

I am not a Goddess, Princess or Fin Dom.

I do not require guarantee (tribute) outside of the time you arrange with Me at the studio.

Mentioning things that specifically do not interest Me in your introductory email or addressing Me incorrectly will result in you being reframed to reapply when you understand the boundaries.

If you are deliberately disrespectful in your introduction and I suspect that you are trying to entertain yourself by attempting to waste My time, I will not respond.

I am addressed as Ms Boss unless I say otherwise.



I may be the strictest Dominant Lady you will ever meet, but I do obviously care about this which means that I will care about you and your experience(s) here regarding professional classical female domination. To contrast, I have an AMAZING sense of humor. I am well educated, easy to converse with, and generally easy to get along with - as long as you are respectful. With regards to preparation to scene play for Myself: I am always well rested, focused, and not under the influence of any substance. Your secrets are safe with Me, and you will be safe in my studio. I also promise to scare the hell out of you if that is what you want.


I would never disrespect your time, so do respect Mine: If you make inquiries to see Me in Pittsburgh at the Compound while I am obviously traveling (and away from Pittsburgh), the session must be guaranteed within 24 hours of My response to you in order for the appointment to be written in My book and take place upon My return. If no guarantee is made, nothing is written down and there is likewise nothing to cancel. Do not make contact about a session unless you are sure about your schedule. I do not arrange domination scenes over social media or text. Email though this site (PittsburghDominatrix.Com - pittsburghboss@gmail.com) is the only method to arrange a scene with Me. If you are impolite after your session before you leave the studio I will not welcome you back. Mind your manners - also when you are not here. It is impolite to spam my email. Respect my time as I respect yours. I am a Lady.


A 50% non refundable deposit is required for a first visit to be written in the book. If the deposit is not made within the required time frame there is nothing scheduled and there is likewise nothing to cancel.


I am a very experienced Dominant Lady who has been practicing for 30+ years. The Compound is a dedicated 8 room FemDom BDSM studio which is professionally maintained, low volume and high end - with purpose built gear and one of a kind BDSM equipment in the fashionable East End area of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


Thank you for taking the time to read this important information. It is appreciated!


Ms Boss