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Max Fisch:

MIB in SoCal

A Session One Could Only Imagine in Your Dreams

Overwhelmed at the Complex

Rocked at the Complex

Can We Have Memories Wthout Marks? with Irene Boss

Recharged at the Complex

A visit to the Compound of Irene Boss

Spanksgiving at the OC Complex

New Direction at the Compound with Irene Boss

Ms Irene Boss and the Compound

Extended scene with Ms Irene Boss

Session with Mistress Irene Boss

Irene's Hypnosis

Me, Myself and Irene - another scene another story

Ass is on fire - courtesy of Ms Boss

New Territory with Ms Boss

The first time - at DomCon LA

2000 hand count spanking warm up

Irene Boss - Trained and drained

Irene Boss - why I see her

Ms Boss scene review

Bondage at the Compound with Ms Irene Boss

Irene Boss

Punished for the first time

Ms Boss

Ms Boss

The un-review of the Anti-Hostess

Ms Irene Boss

Sensual Domination with Irene Boss

48 Hour Prison Scene with Mistress Irene Boss

Irene Boss - The real deal

Irene Boss - it's supposed to hurt

Pining for Irene Boss

Irene Boss far exceeds expectations

Medical scene with Dr Boss


Ms Boss and Friends (Max Fisch):

Ms IreneBoss and Madame Ingrid - Simply Amazing

Ms IreneBoss & Master Ingrid - Visit # 2 - Panacea

The Day At The Museum-The Compound in Pgh

The Compound Pittsburgh PA - OWK - Amazing

Friday the 13th with Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid

Overnight with Ms Irene Boss and Goddess Cheyenne

Ms Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid

Madame Ingrid and Irene Boss's Sunday Brunch

Session with The Bondage Mistress and Ms Irene Boss

Madame Ingrid at the Compound

Madame Ingrid the Valkerie rides again

Miss Boss & Mistress Miranda at da Compound n'at

Ms Boss and Mistress Tyler

Ms Boss, Vinyl Queen

Medical scene with Mistress Simone at the Compound

Maya Sinstress's Piggy goes to the Compound!

Ms Boss and Madame Charlotte

Irene Boss and Jean Bardot

Punished by Mistress Kat and Ms Whitman

Mistress Kat in Pittsburgh

Mistress Kat and the Compound

The Boss and Madame Katorga part 1  part 2  part 3



A visit to Ms Boss's Compound

A visit to the Compound of Irene Boss


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Another visit from Ms Boss to DC
Trained and drained
First Session
Ms Boss visit to DC
Bondage humiliation whore
Respect the power of the frozen peas!
Punished for the first time
My time with Ms Boss
My third MIB adventure
Review of a first session with Ms Irene Boss
My trip to the Compound
Ms Irene Boss
A day in the life of a Compound slave
Recent Scene with Ms Boss
Recent Medical Scene with Dr Boss
My whipping by Ms Boss at DomCon LA
Scenes with Ms Boss at Dom Con - part 1
I visit the Compound soon and I'm nervous
First medical session
3 day encapsulation adventure
A most lovely session - thank you Ms Boss
Domina Irene and BRACE YOURSELF!
Good news and the bad news
My birthday visit with Mistress Irene
April Fools Day with Mistress Irene
Mistress Irene's naked chef
With Mistress Irene at BoundCon
Pittsburgh Sadism
Newbies first visit with Ms Irene
Free at last - 48 hour session
My first time with Domina Irene Boss
A major thank you to Ms Boss
The Asylum of Dr Boss - Diapered and Delivered
Branded by Ms Boss

Expanding limits at the Compound part 2
Expanding limits at the Compound part 1
Under Her Control at the Compound - Parts 1 and 2
Irsla at the Compound - Days 1 and 2
Thank you Mistress Irene
Welcome back patient sub - with photos
Meeting General Mayhem part 5
Meeting General Mayhem part 4
Meeting General Mayhem part 3
4th overnight session in Pittsburgh
Therapee session
Weekend at the Compound w/ Irene Boss and Domina Caitlin
An enema experience
Medical play with Dr Boss and Dr Chase
48 hour session account
The conclusion of my panty training
Chastity play
A 4 hour medical scene
A trip to Bossland
A session with Irene Boss and Ms Servalan
2 days in Berlin
First written account of a session at Top Secret
Breathplay scene
An afternoon domestic session
Double medical session
Irsla's Dom Con advenure LA 2011 Days 1 and 2
The piano lesson part 3
The piano lesson part 2
The piano lesson
Worth the weight
Sent to Ms Boss
Dom Con Atlanta 2010 with Ms Boss
 Meeting General Mayhem
Abraxas - the ramblings of a madman
Top Secret Experience for irsla: Parts 1 - 3
4 hour asylum session
return visit to the Boss
Edwina's abduction


Some scene writing by Ms Boss located in members:
Another long recent session
Live from the Compound
First scene in the renovated space

Ms Boss and Friends:
Ms Boss and Vinyl Queen
My Day with Ms Boss and Mistress Tyler at the Compound
Maya Sinstress's Piggy goes to the Compound!
4 Intense hours with Ms Boss and Madame Charlotte
Great session with the Boss and Mistress Shane
Punished by Mistress Kat and Liz Whitman
Put through my paces by 2 lovely faces
A visit with Mistress Irene and Domina Snow
Casual Day w/ the Boss and Cock Mommie
My first visit with Madame Nadine
The Boss and Madame Katorga part 1
The Boss and Madame Katorga part 2
The Boss and Madame Katorga part 3
A major thank you to Ms Boss


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