Credit, Cancellation and No show policies

MIB does not issue refunds however Ms Boss is very fair regarding the following


If Ms Boss must call your scene early because you cannot logically handle what you and she had agreed upon, you will be issued a credit to be used within 30 days (60 days if you are out of state). When arranging scenes She will always advise you on what is realistic with regards to length.


Ms Boss has been practicing professional BDSM for 20 years. She will not steer you wrong. You will be honestly advised on how long your scene should be based on your interests and prior experience. If the longest scene you have had in the past is 1 hour, then Ms Boss recommends starting with 2 and then extending further on a subsequent visit if longer scenes interest you. If Ms Boss feels that She is not compatible with you activity wise (and/or if She should feel that you are not interested enough in BDSM to have an audience with Her), she will be professionally forthright in saying so. This is not to insult, it is to avoid wasting time and having a possible unpleasant experience.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a scene, call the studio. (Email contact is not acceptable for this.)


Canceling a credited scene with no reschedule: Loss of credit.


Moving a credit: 50% of credit deducted.


Unused credit: Over 1 year void. (A reminder was sent.)


Ending early: If you wish to leave early, there will be no credit towards a future scene.


Changes upon arrival: Original tribute required (no credit).


Canceling a deposited scene: Deposit transferable if rescheduled at cancellation at least 48 hours prior to scene, used within 60 days.


Canceling prepaid scene: Tribute transferable if rescheduled at cancellation at least 48 hours prior to scene. If not, 50% deducted. Remainder to be used within 60 days.


If a scene is canceled without a re schedule occurring at the time of cancellation, a deposit will be required for the next scene.


Negative pattern: A history of repeat cancellations (and/or scheduling issues), will result in Ms Boss ending the association.


Canceling a same day prepaid scene: 50% credit deducted and must be rescheduled within 30 days to use credit (60 days if out of state).


No show no call on a prepay or credit: No credit.


No show no call on a normally scheduled scene (without a prepay or credit): No further consideration.


Ms Boss would never disrespect your time, so do respect Hers.


The above are general policies. Ms Boss may decide to over ride any of this based on the individual circumstances and situation. You will find Her to be very empathic and fair about dealing with any of the above events should they unfortunately occur.


The policies below are in effect if the following has occurred in your history of visiting the Compound: Canceling for any reason.


If you are within a 5 hour driving radius, same day scheduling will need to be observed by calling the studio between the hours of 10 am to noon EST giving Ms Boss at least 3 hours notice for that day. If She is not able to accommodate you, alternate dates and times will be suggested. Tribute must be made during the phone call. If there is a cancellation within 48 hours, 50% of the tribute will be deducted and applied to a reschedule within 60 days. Cancellation with less than 48 hours will result in loss of tribute. No show no call will result in banishment.


Large blocks of time (4 hours +): If any cancellation has occurred in the past the scene must be paid at the time of arrangement - no exceptions.


Inclement weather: If severe conditions arise and you have  made tribute, Ms Boss will reschedule one time (to occur within 60 days) if at least 48 hours notice is given. If there are obvious current difficult driving (or flying) conditions She will advise you to set up a visit at a future time. If your flight gets canceled or changed due to weather (beyond your control or mechanical failure) Ms Boss will honor your time to be credited within 60 days.


Personal emergency: Same policy as above (credit to be used within 60 days). Ms Boss understands that things happen, however - She has NEVER canceled a BDSM appointment in 20 years as a professional for ANY reason. That's dedication.


Repeat offender? Do the right thing and provide a sincere token of appreciation.


Know your schedule and do not make arrangements if you are unsure. Thank you!


Please be aware that Ms Boss is not a "Fin Domme" (Financial Dominatrix) and has no interest in it. (If you are seeking that look elsewhere.)


Thank you for taking the time to read this important information. It is appreciated!