Miss Miranda Middleton (UK) is visiting the Orange California Complex

July 22nd added

Sunday the 22nd has been added and is available. Inquire ASAP.

This popular Lady is always very busy. Do not delay in scheduling to see Her!

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General information about visiting the Compound and the Complex

Mistress Miranda says:           

A little about me: Past

After graduating, and succeeding in getting a ‘proper’ job in the field that I had trained in, I realized that the area which I excelled in and most enjoyed was BDSM. For me my art is a vocation, as opposed to a ‘job’. I look forward to each of my sessions as everyone is different. My day is never predictable or boring and the people I meet make my life fulfilled; many I consider personal friends.

And now: Present Day

I am both a lifestyle player and Pro-Domme who has been active in the scene for 18 years which has given me a vent for my kinky tastes. All you lucky subs who session with me, whether you are a novice or experienced slave, will benefit from my wealth of experience and genuine interest in the BDSM world. 

I am fanatical about fitness, working out 5-6 times a week.

Miss Miranda and I go back to 2012 when She visited my newly rebuilt Pittsburgh Compound, and we have across the pond the each other's studios on various occasions. This will be Her first visit to the Orange Complex. You are welcome to set up an appointment to see her!   Miss Miranda's Website

Miss Miranda has starred in the following MIB DVDs: Irene Boss meets Miss Miranda, and The Dickie Leaks. Both are available as DVDs.


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