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Sensations, whether they are pain, pleasure, or something altogether different, are a reoccurring theme throughout my life. As a painter, I possess a discerning eye for the finer aspects of past and contemporary painting, as well as an admiration for the photography of Helmut Newton, Roy Stuart, and Chas Ray Krider, and architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright; as a gourmand, I delight in dining upon elegantly prepared meals, or cooking fresh, organic dishes for friends; as a health-conscious woman, I tend to My body and mind. While I permit slaves from all walks of life to enter into my service, intelligent conversation on any of the aforementioned topics will ensure that I do not become bored with your prattle too quickly.


Madame Ingrid has appeared in DVDs in conjunction with Irene Boss. The member's area of also houses this content.


Madame Ingrid arranges Her own solo sessions at the Compound. Follow Her on Twitter, and send Her an email for details. For double Dom scenes, contact Irene Boss

Madame Ingrid says...I honed my skills in the myriad facets of corporal punishment, Shibari rope bondage, psycho-dramatic fantasy role play, electro-play, and producing breath-taking female transformations on simpering sissy sluts. As the years slipped by, and my repertoire increased, I realized that I was no longer merely interested in bdsm; it had become a passion. I allow My creative energies to extend to and overlap with the world of pain, pleasure, and humiliation. I delight in concocting fantasy role-play scenarios that both titillate and shame a submissive fortunate enough to serve in My presence. Whether you are a an inferior male forced to serve jail time in place of Martha Stewart, a pre-pubescent Bud Bundy who has been caught jerking off to the thought of his older sister, or a prodding little snoop who has wondered into a den of knife- and sword-wielding Amazons, you will find My imagination and capabilities are endless. Many superior Mistresses pay careful attention to their appearance and attire; I am no exception. The touch, feel, and scent of varied materials are personal fetishes of mine. The caress of a silken stocking upon a strong thigh, the hug of supple Italian leather on a foot, the rigidity of vintage support girdles, and the restriction of a sleek latex cat-suit are all sublime sensations.